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Mountain Person

Travelling is not about the views of mountains, watching the meadows and more.. Though travelling also helps in some health benefits. When we are particularly talking about the way of travelling, there are two types of peoples in the world; those who loves plains likes beach shores and the other one are those who loves mountains and valleys. There are chances the person who enjoys the peace of mountains may not like the vibrant ambiance of  the beaches, or the one who loves the sea may end up getting bored on mountains.

Now, this articles is solely dedicated to all the mountain persons there.


Personality of Mountain Person


If you have heart for the mountains, snow and valleys then being a mountain person says a lot about to you.

Here are some traits that match up with your mountain personality:

  • You enjoy secluded, to be more precise peaceful places. You are introvert at heart.
  • You are not a fan of hustle-bustle and crowd of the big cities.
  • You had rather plug in your headphones rather than talking with someone in crowded places.
  • You are creative person, may be your hobbies are writing, painting, sketching. And, the mountains brings the best in you.
  • You are a great listener.
  • You are more in meaningful conversations. Philosophy, Life, Nature are your points of discussion.
  • You find your happiness in secluded spots.

Now, that you have known some parts of your personality and you certainly agree with some of them. Don’t you want to know the perks and advantages of being a lover of green meadows and snow-capped mountains? Read along………


1. Mountains- The best Teacher


Mountains are the best teacher who teach you the “Lesson of Patience”, “Lesson of Persistence” & “The Lesson of Gratitude”. A Trekker or a Climber knows very well that he/she is not going to reach at the summits in one or two hours. You have all the patience of world in mind while you are in mountains. Reaching on top may take hours and even days take, but the most important is the patience in you which helps you in mentally strong. Climbing up on the mountains requires persistence, you can’t sit back and lose hope when you are on trekking. And, at last, the Lesson of Gratitude. You learn to thank God when you successfully reach on the top where you find the peace which you are searching in the crowded cities.


2. Health Benefits


When you start climbing the rugged mountain peaks you build up strength and endurance. Climbing up on the high altitude mountains brings your lungs stronger and increases your stamina. You will realize after some trekking that climbing the mountains is like a catwalk for me. Mountain trekking also improves your diet plan, because you realize that eating unhealthy food is not fuel you up to climb the high altitudes.


3. Find happiness and luxuries


They will teach you to find happiness and luxuries in small things. Supposedly, you are climbing the toughest part of any mountain but you are run out of water & food. Amid the mighty nature, what would you wish for? A car, bungalow or money? No, you know that they are of no use for you now. All you want is water & food. And, when the nature gifts you a river and tree full of fruits you find your luxury.


4. You are the witness of photos in screen


You can witness the views that people watch on their laptop and mobile screens just because being a mountain person you already visited that place of mesmerizing meadows and snow-caped peaks. Climbing up the mountain is not so easy task, but when you reach at the top then only you understand that it is worth.


5. A True Companion


You’ll find a lot of peoples with similar nature when you start trekking in the mountains. You get to meet all kinds of people. You trust your new group of adventurers in the hard times. You realize in the worst storms or worst conditions your new friends will get your back creating a strong bond between the two. Apart from this, you all have the same goals, ‘to reach the highest peak and enjoy the beauty of nature throughout the trail.



Every Mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing